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Charter Board Partners

Our Impact

We help boards recruit the right board members, support
strong leadership, and advise at critical turning points.

"CBP has helped us recruit many board members over the last four years. Most have had a very positive impact on our board. We would have struggled to find the right board members without their assistance."

— Melanie Bowen
Board Chair, Creative Minds International Charter School, Washington, D.C.

We help build more diverse boards

Last year, 50 percent of CBP recruits who joined boards in DC were Black or Latino. The Capital City board increased the percentage of Black and Latino board members from 10 to 53 percent while working with us; the Ingenuity Prep board increased the percentage from 50 to 82 percent.

We support boards that need to turn around schools

We helped the board of IDEA add five new board members, who led a dramatic turnaround that saved the school from being shut down. For each the next two years, IDEA was among the top five percent of schools for academic improvement, and is currently one of the top performing open enrollment high schools in the district.

We help founding boards quickly become mature governing boards

We recruited a board chair and new members for the Ingenuity Prep board, supporting the board’s determination to invest in building a strong board from the start. Board members have the skills and expertise the new school needed and the board uses CBP’s training and tools to provide strong leadership.

We ensure that boards have strong leadership

During Creative Minds International’s second year of operation, we helped find a new board chair who brought stability to the young school, and trained the board in best governance practice. The school is thriving: CMI was recently approved to expand to include a middle school and has secured a new facility.

We support boards in strengthening school leadership

When Meridian’s board recognized that a change in leadership was needed, we recruited new board members, helped the board through a transition to a new board chair, and provided coaching and support as the board moved to find a new school leader. 100 percent of board leadership roles are now filled by CBP recruits. With fresh leadership, the school recently celebrated the opening of its new middle school.

We support boards at critical turning points

We helped the Bridges board oversee an expansion, while maintaining their innovative early childhood program. CBP-recruited board members, including a strong board chair, brought critical skills and experience the board needed to navigate growth.

When necessary, we help boards close low-performing schools

Our board recruits and coaching supported the boards of two DC charter schools as they made the difficult decision to close their schools. By proactively addressing the problem, these boards were able to negotiate guaranteed spots for their students in high-performing schools.

"How do we build highly effective boards that create a comfortable space for the school leader to make decisions, with the support of their boards? Without CBP and that overall foundation, many boards would be operating on a wing."

— Nasir Qadree
Board member, Center City Public Charter Schools, Washington, D.C.

We seek and recruit talented people from diverse backgrounds


of CBP recruits wouldn’t have joined a charter school board without CBP


of CBP recruits feel more connected to the education reform movement because they are part of our network


of the people we recruit would recommend CBP to a friend or colleague

Nonprofit board members across U.S.

CBP recruited board candidates


CBP recruits people with the skills and experience charter school boards need to govern effectively


of board members report they are using their skills to contribute to the work of the board

We match board candidates to boards that need their expertise


of leadership roles on 
CBP partner boards are filled by CBP recruits 


average increase in board size for boards since working with us


of board members on our partner boards were recruited by CBP

We train and support them to be effective board members


of participants in CBP training report that the training helped them be better board members


of board members who have used our services and programs say they would recommend CBP to a friend or colleague on a charter school board


of coaching clients say our coaching helps them be more effective


of board members say CBP provides tools that help them be more effective board members

"At the Donnell-Kay Foundation we believe that there can be no great schools without strong and effective boards–it is the foundation for quality, stability, and results. Charter Board Partners not only realizes this, but is the leader in helping public charter schools ensure that they recruit and train the governance leaders we need. All students deserve exceptional schools. All exceptional schools require skillful and talented leadership and governance."

— Tony Lewis
Executive Director, Donnell-Kay Foundation, Denver

We improve schools through stronger boards

"We should delegate to committees to really dive into the details and bring that to the board so the board can really stay focused on our core values—excellence and the goals we’re trying to accomplish."

— Ron Cattelino
Crossroads Charter Schools, Kansas City