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Charter Board Partners

Apply to join the Charter Board Partners Network

We all have a role to play in improving the quality of public education,
and charter school board service is a great way to get involved.

What makes charter schools most different from traditional schools is how they are governed. Charter schools operate outside of traditional school districts, which typically have elected leaders and are subject to the forces of politics. Every charter school is governed by its own independent board. To succeed, great charter schools need great boards, and great boards need great members! 

Joining a charter school board is a serious commitment. Charter school boards play a critical leadership role in determining the quality of the educational program and the long-term sustainability of each school. Each charter school board is the governing body of a publicly funded nonprofit organization with a multi-million dollar budget. The board is responsible for ensuring that the school has strong leadership, sound finances, effective fundraising, and high academic achievement.

Charter school board service is a personally and professionally rewarding opportunity to help ensure that every child has the opportunity to attend an excellent school. At Charter Board Partners, we aim to:

  1. Help you determine if charter school board service is right for you
  2. Make it easy for you to find a board that needs your skills and experience
  3. Support you at every step, through ongoing training, networking opportunities, and advice and information throughout your board service 

"From the training, I learned the importance of assessment—both for school leaders and board performance. Information was useful, actionable and entertaining. I would highly recommend CBP."

— Bill Ferrari
Board Member, RCMA Wimauma Academy, Tampa, Florida

First, determine if this opportunity is right for you at this time.

This checklist is designed to help you determine if you have the time, experience, and availability to be a part of the CBP network and ultimately serve on a charter school board.

Ready to Serve

If you checked every box, you are a strong candidate for acceptance into the CBP network. Please complete our online Board Candidate Application. The application asks you to tell us about your professional and volunteer experience and includes questions that give us more detail about your interest and skill set. Charter school board service is a unique opportunity for you to immediately impact the education of America’s students. We look forward to receiving your application! 

» Board Candidate Application

Not Quite Ready…

If you have not checked every box, you should reconsider whether you would be an ideal candidate to join the CBP network at this time. We encourage you to visit us again if circumstances change.

What to expect after you apply

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. You will be notified within two weeks of submission regarding advancement to the following steps.

Step 1: Meet CBP

Candidates whose applications make it through the first screen will be invited to a meet-and-greet opportunity to meet members of the CBP network. This conversation is designed to get to know candidates beyond their on-paper qualifications and to share more about the board service opportunity in order to determine if candidates are the right fit to join the CBP network.

Step 2: Join the network.

Selected candidates will be invited to officially join the CBP network as a board candidate. This will include a subscription to our email communications, invitations to networking events with other board candidates, board members, and others involved in education, and information about ongoing training opportunities.

Step 3: Participate in a CBP Governance Academy

All new board candidates are required to participate in a full-day Governance Intensive training, if available in your city.

Step 4: Enter our board candidate pool

As our partner charter school boards need new board members, we match candidates from our pool. Given that matches are made based on the specific needs of each board, it can take up to a year or more, for a match to be made for a particular candidate. We believe strongly that waiting for the right fit is key to being an effective board member, and to ensuring that each board has the right members. Once a match is made, you will go through the board’s interview and selection process; final decisions about adding new members are always made by the board, not CBP. Candidates from the CBP network will be supported throughout this process. We ask that you be patient, and thank you for understanding why it can take longer than anyone might wish.