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New resources for charter boards: guidance on school leadership and board recruitment

September 21, 2018 | by David Connerty-Marin

Two new resources aimed at providing guidance to charter school governing boards on school leadership and board recruitment, and developed by Charter Board Partners, are now available through the National Charter School Resource Center. 

Charter School Governing Board Primer: School Leadership
The key to focusing relentlessly on academics is to have a strong school leader. The board needs to know how to effectively recruit for a great school leader while supporting him/her as well as working collaboratively.

This resource provides best practices and support designed to ensure great school leadership. It also provides guidance in developing an effective relationship between the board and the school's leadership.

Charter School Governing Board Recruitment Tools
To recruit strategically, boards must know the qualities and skills that already exist around the table and what they are seeking. This tool provides assessments and sample board matrices for boards to understand their needs.

Before launching into the search for new board members, boards need to set up a system that can be followed for every search. This allows for consistency and fairness, and ensures you get the right people around the table.

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