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Charter Board Partners

CBP Pilots Program in Mile High City

March 21, 2017 | by Kate Essex, Debbie Lister

Denver training program cohort

Earlier this month, Charter Board Partners brought our highly-rated Charter School Governance Academy to Denver as part of a pilot project with nine schools, providing a dynamic and comprehensive training opportunity for board members and candidates.

What we found in Denver was a group of schools keenly aware of the need to identify and recruit people with the necessary skills and talents to their boards, and a community of people who weren’t aware of the opportunity, or the responsibilities, of serving on a board.

Charter Board Partners are actively engaged in an effort to dramatically increase the number of high performing public schools in the Mile High City. Working closely with local partners, including the Colorado League of Charter Schools, and Colorado Succeeds, and recruiting support from Edgility, we are actively recruiting a diverse pipeline of talented board candidates with the skills and experience charter school boards need to govern most effectively.

Denver training cohort brainstorms on white board

We have also worked with the Colorado Charter Schools Institute – the state authorizer, on a series of "board-to-board" meetings and training for board members in February.

The recruiting, matching, and training project will support increased governance capacity at the nine participating charters that applied for the opportunity. Soon, we will begin the exciting final step of matching the talented professionals we have recruited to charter boards that need their skills.

We are beyond impressed by the response and hope to replicate this project again in the fall.

The project builds on our successful board recruiting, training, and matching work in Washington, D.C., Oakland, and Tampa. Stay tuned for stories, pictures, and videos as we share our progress and impact.

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