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CBP in Action:  Bringing Top Talent to Charter School Boards

July 25, 2018 | by David Connerty-Marin
Nasir Qadree

Nasir Qadree has a long history as a social entrepreneur; as evidenced most recently when the Washington Business Journal named him as one of their 2018 40 under 40. So when we asked him what kind of charter school board he might be interested in joining, it wasn’t a huge surprise when he said he’s not interested in joining the board of a school that is already highly successful. “I wanted to be on the board of a school that was experiencing some challenges,” he told us. “It was important to me that I had played a role in helping leadership execute on key turnaround strategies.”

That’s consistent with Nasir’s approach to all of his professional and social change from supporting ed reform while working at the Connecticut Department of Education, directing investment in the education sector for a social venture capital firm, or his current work leading AT&T’s social investments in educational technology. 

Since joining the board of Center City Public Charter Schools through CBP in 2016, Nasir has been involved in the “whirlwind, frustrating, but incredibly worth it” challenges of making improvements at the charter network’s Trinidad school for example. “It’s been refreshing to see the progress being made there,” he says. “I have been motivated to continue helping our CEO execute on providing the right resources for school leaders.”

Nasir is grateful for the role CBP played in helping him find a charter school board where his experience and expertise can make a meaningful difference for students, and provided him with the training, information, and support to be a great board member. He participated in CBP’s Governance Academy and other trainings and convenings, and believes that CBP plays a role not just in connecting high quality people to charter school boards, but in focusing on accountability at the school level from the board, and providing the right support systems for school leaders.

“How do we build highly effective boards that create a comfortable space for the school leader to make decisions, with the support of their boards?” he says. “Without CBP and that overall foundation, many boards would be operating on a wing.”

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