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Charter Board Partners

Our Services

We provide board recruiting and governance support to partners and clients around the country who want to improve the effectiveness of charter school governance.

We are available to work with:

  • individual charter school boards
  • CMO boards
  • authorizers
  • charter support organizations
  • funders
  • state departments of education
  • other organizations focused on improving the quality of schools

Our services include:

  • supporting strategic board composition
  • raising awareness of charter board service
  • developing a recruiting strategy
  • building a pipeline of board candidates
  • providing training resources
  • support in best governance practices

We have a special focus on increasing the diversity of charter school boards; in the past year, 50 percent of CBP board recruits who joined charter school boards in Washington, DC are people of color. We strongly believe that diverse board leadership is critical to effective governance; we can work with you to develop a robust pipeline of board candidates that represents the students and families in your schools and can lead to a stronger overall approach to diversity within the school.

"It’s no surprise that diversity at the top promotes diversity throughout an organization.”

Harvard Business Review

Diversity on the board does make a difference. In fact, board diversity is associated with positive organizational change in at least two ways… First, the presence of multiple minorities on the board is strongly associated with a solid diversity record. Second, the presence of influential minority board members can positively affect a company’s adoption of a wide range of equity and diversity practices.

London School of Economics 

How can CBP help? Want More Information?

See below for more information on how CBP can help with your governance needs. 

We can help you develop a strategic recruiting plan, strengthen your governance, bring new board members on, and connect with other education boards.  Contact for more information.

Washington DC Boards

Authorizers, State Associations, and Individual Boards

CBP can help you assess the effectiveness of charter school boards, provide governance best practice training to boards, and convene board members around issues of best practice. Contact for more information.

Conferences & Speaking Events

CBP governance and recruiting experts are available for speaking engagements at conferences and convenings nationwide.  Contact for more information.