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Charter Board Partners
Focus relentlessly on student achievement
Ensure exceptional school leadership
Commit to exemplary governance
Act strategically
Raise and use resources wisely
Maintain legal and regulatory compliance

Standards for Effective Charter School Governance

Charter Board Partners’ standards for effective governance are widely used and highly acclaimed by charter school boards. They clearly outline the core responsibilities of charter school boards; all CBP tools and resources are aligned with these six standards and designed to help charter boards meet them.

The Key to Great Schools Is Great Boards

The Key to Great Schools Is Great Boards

Carrie Irvin explains why every public charter school needs a strong and strategic board of directors at TEDxMidAtlantic 2013.

Essential Ingredients for Good Bylaws

This tool provides strong advice about creating strong bylaws from a lawyer with extensive experience advising charter school boards.

Board Chairs: Top 10 Tips for Being a Great Board Chair

Great boards need great board chairs. This tool offers top tips for new (and veteran) board chairs on leading effectively.

Charter School Civil Rights Checklist

Use this checklist from Civil Rights Solutions to make sure your school is aware of and in compliance with federal civil rights laws.

Committee Charges Suite

Committees are the backbone of strong governance, and every committee needs a clear charge to define its work. This suite includes charges for six common charter board committees: development, executive, finance, governance, school performance, and strategic planning.

Officer Job Descriptions Suite

To ensure that everyone is on the same page about the responsibilities of board leadership, we’ve written job descriptions for the four charter school board officer positions: chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer.

Charter School Board Succession Plan Checklist and Action Steps

When a strong leader leaves, there is high risk of seeing the results that leader achieved walk out the door as well. Use this planning tool to prepare for the inevitable.

Succession Planning in Charter Management Organizations: Report Sustaining the Future for Charter Schools and Their Students

This report by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation details the importance of succession planning for charter management organizations (CMOs), shares the key components of succession plans, and points to lessons learned and common pitfalls.

Succession Planning in Charter Management Organizations: Summary

This presentation summarizes findings from a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation study of leadership succession planning in CMOs and gives an overview of the Foundation's CMO Succession Planning Tool.

Succession Planning in Charter Management Organizations: Case Studies

This case study report, commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, describes how three high-performing CMOs handled leadership changes.

Succession Planning in Charter Management Organizations: Worksheet

This tool offers a sample information and contact inventory worksheet to accompany the interactive Succession Planning Tool for charter management organizations from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.