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Where’s CBP? November Edition

December 06, 2017 | by David Connerty-Marin

We were in Tennessee, Florida, Missouri, and Washington, DC. in November. The footprint of our impact is growing! Here's where we were and what we were doing there.

Kansas City. Shereen and Lucy headed to Kansas City to kick off CBP's partnership with SchoolSmartKC. As part of the partnership, we'll help recruit new board members and train existing board members. We'll work with about 10 schools to recruit 20-30 new board members, and ensure those schools have the very best charter school governance, in support of excellent schools.

SchoolSmartKC is a new organization with a focus on quality schools. One of their top priorities is to ensure that charter schools have the board members they need, that they are well trained, and that they learn CBP's six standards for effective governance.

Memphis. Since June, CBP has been providing training for a NewSchools Venture Fund initiative—NewSchools Invent—which invests in teams of educators who want to launch new, innovative public schools in school districts or charter networks that prepare young people to achieve their most ambitious dreams and plans. 

Shereen first worked with the group last summer in Los Angeles; the topic was how to build the board of your dreams. This time the group was in Memphis and she worked with them on managing their start up boards. Next up: a webinar for the fellows on goal setting.

Says Shereen: "This has been a great opportunity for me to work with future school leaders as they launch innovative schools, and think critically about having an effective board from Day One."

Nashville & Memphis. Debbie and Shereen spent time in Memphis and Nashville working with board members of color as part of the Board Leaders of Color Collaborative (BLOCC). This project of the Tennessee Charter School Center, supported by NewSchools Venture Fund, is building a network of board leaders, giving them training and creating opportunities for them to engage and learn from each other. CBP offered training that helps current and prospective board members to be as effective as they can be.

Daytona Beach, Florida. Debbie led two sessions at the Florida Charter Schools Conference in Daytona Beach, Florida—one for board members on how to have an effective school board, and one for district authorizers on what to look for when trying to see if a charter school board is governing well.

Washington, DC. The District's charter school regulations require every charter school board to have at least two parents on the board. CBP partnered with Parents Amplifying Voices in Education (DC PAVE) to train parent and other board members on how to effectively engage and elevate the voices of parent members. The training included educating participants on their role as advocates for students, and in holding their schools accountable. Parents provide a unique role and contribution to their school boards; they and all board members sometimes have to work a little harder to make sure their voices are heard. Shereen led two workshops for more than 25 participants. We are exploring ways to build on our collaboration with DC PAVE.

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