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Step Two: Webinar Training for Latino Board Fellows

April 19, 2017 | by Charter Board Partners

In the ongoing six-month Latino Board Fellows program for Boston-based Latinos committed to education, Carrie Irvin led a webinar last week for the 11 Latino Board Fellows in the program. Some were at home in Boston, others called in from as far as Rome and Portugal, to talk about the basics of effective governance. The focus continues to be on how to be effective board members and bring their voices, skills, and perspectives to the boards they join.

Latinos for Education has created the learning community and the first cohort, which will benefit education organizations in Boston.

Stay tuned: In May, we'll be gathering the partner organizations together to talk about the importance of diverse boards and how to ensure that their boards are inclusive as they prepare to bring on a Latino board fellows. Not only does that support the partnership, it also aligns with Charter Board Partners’ renewed focus on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion – issues that go beyond just the racial makeup of boards.

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