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Send us to SXSW EDU!

August 09, 2017 | by Carrie C. Irvin

Everyone wants to go to SXSW EDU but I want to speak there in March 2018. I’d be grateful if you’d help me and Charter Board Partners share our message about great boards making for great schools, for kids. All you have to do is vote for my session proposal!

We believe that it’s time to move past the “white finance guy in a suit” stereotype of a nonprofit board member and envision a new breed of board for public charter schools and education nonprofits that champions innovation and pushes boundaries. Diverse, inclusive, engaged, and focused on equity and accountability, these boards bring talented people together, engage communities in leadership, embrace different perspectives, and build bridges across the civil divides that separate us.

Community input accounts for 30% of our proposal score, so your vote matters! 

Voter for us!

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