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Learning on a Friday

October 30, 2017 | by Emily Gauthier

Emily GauthierEarlier this month, Charter Board Partners, CityBridge, FOCUS, and Education Forward DC kicked off our First Fridays tour season at Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School. First Fridays is an opportunity to visit and learn about high-performing and high-potential charter schools throughout the city. Philanthropic, business, and civic leaders joined us on student-led tours around Yu Ying’s impressive campus. 

We got a taste of the school’s bilingual immersion program, and also got to hear from board members who talked about the role of effective boards and board training.

The attendees included two of Yu Ying’s current board members, Marcus Walker and Jevon Walton. Marcus has served as a Yu Ying board member for six years, and Jevon began his service back in 2015 after training with Charter Board Partners. 

Jevon said the training was helpful as he started on the board, and over time, too, as he was able to be clear about his role on the board, and not overstepping his bounds into the realm of the head of school and administration. "When it came to CBP, they were able to match me with a school that was unique and forward facing, and that provided diversity of thought to all wards of the District." (His wife, Cydney Peyton Walton, is also a CBP-recruited-and-trained board member at DC Bilingual.)

While Yu Ying’s campus boasts elements such as the Founder’s Forest, a garden, and environmentally conscious classrooms, its students and programming were the true highlights of the visit. Yu Ying students and staff explained how the school uses inquiry-based learning to expand on its Chinese immersion program in order to teach students global competencies for real world success. The student tour guides demonstrated the success of this approach as they eloquently spoke to visitors about Yu Ying. We were grateful for, and inspired by, Yu Ying’s First Friday tour.

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