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Eric Reese: Impact on the Ground

November 28, 2017 | by David Connerty-Marin
Eric Reese

Eric Reese helps governments use data to inform their work and improve results for the people they serve. Originally from Indiana, he brought his data analysis, training, and project management skills to his role serving on the board of Creative Minds International, joining the board in November 2016. Less than a year later he was elected Vice Chair. 

“I previously worked for the DC Public Education Fund and I was really interested in getting back involved in the education community and really having an impact on the ground for the school and the community where I live,” Eric says, adding that being able to see the impact of the school on students and families is especially meaningful. He makes a point of being in the school building at least twice a month to meet and speak with people.

He gives two pieces of advice to new school board members: “One, ask as many questions as you can while you can get away with being the new person. Second is to really dive in and meet and talk with different people at the school, from staff to parents, to students, and other board members. It’s really critical to dive in and get as much knowledge first-hand from people, as much as you can.”

Eric also advises board members to have an open and clear dialogue with the school's executive director. There's a lot for board members to pay attention to without also doing the job of the executive director, he says. "It's not hard to stay out of the weeds."



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