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Charter Board Partners

CBP and BoardSource Partner to Support Strong Charter School Governance

March 10, 2017 | by Carrie C. Irvin, Anne Wallestad

Boards matter—for results, for ROI, for the bottom line.  That's true in the corporate world, and just as true in the $9 billion-plus nonprofit sector, where boards are responsible for effective governance, legal compliance, and mission fulfillment.  And in the public education space, boards have taken on new importance in the last couple decades, as over 3 million students now attend public charter schools that are governed by nonprofit boards.

BoardSource and Charter Board Partners share the belief that strong and effective governance and board leadership are essential for high-quality public charter schools and charter management organizations. We have joined forces to create a new membership program that will help public charter school boards govern more effectively. The partnership gives public charter school boards access to the best resources from both organizations. 

BoardSource is the country's recognized expert in nonprofit governance and board leadership. Charter Board Partners is the leading nonprofit organization in the charter school governance space. We are excited about this unique partnership, which we believe will contribute in powerful ways to the leadership and effectiveness of charter schools across the country.

The Organizational Membership Program for Charter Schools is a year-round board development program designed to give public charter school leaders and board members high-quality information about strong governance and help them put into action best practices that can take a school to the next level of board effectiveness, and have a dramatic impact on school quality.

Through this partnership and membership program, public charter school boards can access tools, templates, assessments, training, support, and additional resources that can improve their boards, save them time, help them avoid common pitfalls, and enable them to benefit from lessons learned across the nonprofit sector.

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Anne Wallestad is President and CEO of BoardSource, a national organization working to strengthen nonprofit board leadership.

Carrie Irvin is Co-Founder and CEO of Charter Board Partners.

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