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Charter Board Partners

Building Leadership Capacity in the Big Easy

July 08, 2018 | by David Connerty-Marin

At a time of big transitions for New Orleans charter schools, Charter Board Partners is teaming up with the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools to take on one of the most critical and often-overlooked drivers of charter school quality and success: building leadership capacity on charter school boards. As the city’s schools return to Orleans Parish School Board oversight, we are excited to partner with local stakeholders to strengthen leadership and accountability at the charter school board level.

Last month,  we met with an enthusiastic group of more than 40 “ambassadors”—aspiring charter school board chairs—and influential educators and decision makers from across New Orleans. Participants are excited about the opportunity to participate in this unique training opportunity for charter school board chairs, and to do a deep dive into accountability, quality, and equity.

With support from the Walton Family Foundation, CBP and LAPCS have developed the Charter Board Leadership Academy, a customized board recruitment and training program focused exclusively on board leadership. This program allows us to bring our deep experience with board recruitment and training programs, and tailor it to the unique context and needs of New Orleans. Participants will:

  • Engage in workshops on board leadership, effective board structures and practices, accountability, and equity.
  • Build knowledge of the current education landscape and analyze examples of exemplary governance from experienced practitioners in and outside of New Orleans.
  • Take part in networking and community building events in New Orleans.

Ethan Ashley, a member of the Orleans Parish School Board, told the gathering that you need only to look to a nonprofit’s board to see how well it is doing. “We need talented people to sit on these boards, and not just to sit on the boards but to show and ask the hard questions. And not just ask the hard questions, but to be willing to advocate in ways that push. We all need to be pushed.”

The first leadership training will take place in late August. New Orleans area professionals who are on charter school boards and are thinking about leadership opportunities can learn more and apply.

We are looking forward to working with charter schools so they can ensure school quality for students today and into the future.

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