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Bridging the Civil Divide

October 20, 2017 | by Charter Board Partners
Dr. Michael Lomax
Carrie Irvin

This column on how nonprofit boards can help bridge the civil divide, and the critical role of diversity on boards in making that happen, was published by The 74 Million on October 19, 2017. It was co-written by Dr. Michael Lomax, president and CEO of the UNCF, and Carrie Irvin, CEO and co-founder of Charter Board Partners.

People who get all their news from the front page, the home page, or the first 10 minutes of the evening news could be forgiven for seeing in the United States a country irretrievably fractured along unbridgeable fault lines.

But look a little more closely and you’ll see a different picture. You will see a country with disagreements on important issues, yes, but also a civil society held together to a significant degree by more than a million and a half nonprofit groups — such as religious institutions, neighborhood associations, kids’ sports leagues, and educational organizations. Each has a mission: to do important work that makes this a better world. And each has a board of directors, citizens who, in their free time, work hard to steward the group’s affairs and keep it focused effectively on its mission.

Taken together, they form a web that can bridge the gaps that separate us.

Read the full column at The 74 Million.

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