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Breakfast at CBP’s

April 21, 2017 | by Shereen Williams, Alicia Robinson

CBP hosts a Candidate Breakfast in our office each month. There are pastries, there’s coffee, there's good conversation and some amazing people who want to serve on charter school boards in D.C.

At our most recent breakfast, we welcomed six new members into our network. This group of prospective board members includes men and women who come from a variety of racial/ethnic backgrounds and are skilled in law, finance, facilities, international relief, budget analysis, higher education, and wealth management. And, all six are motivated to join a charter school board by a desire for civic engagement, as well as wanting to ensure that D.C. students receive a world-class education. 

In the coming weeks and months, our team will present these and other candidates to CBP's partner boards for consideration. We encourage our partners to build a high functioning, diverse and engaged board by cultivating board members with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills.

Will you join us for the next monthly Candidate Breakfast? Take the first step toward board membership by completing an application here.

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