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Charter Board Partners

Blue Schools is Great News for Denver

August 11, 2017 | by Debbie Lister

Great news in from Denver, via Chalkbeat Colorado: Blue School Partners, a new "education quarterback" will serve as a connector and supporter of K-12 education in Denver, focusing on initiatives to grow the ranks of talented teachers and principals, increase the number of high-achieving schools, and ramp up demand from families for those schools. 

Denver was recently recognized for being the best in the country for school choice. We know that choice without quality is no choice at all and that the investment and coordination that Blue School Partners will bring is critical to continuous improvement of all schools in the Denver metro area. In fact, we’ve written about the importance of these quarterback organizations. 

Charter Board Partners is working in Denver to support recruitment efforts and improve governance capacity on the boards of 10 charter schools in the metro area. We are expanding our work in the region to ensure critical and difficult conversations about race and equity are happening at the board level and that communities are prepared to provide diverse voices in the education reform space.

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