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Blanca Guillen-Woods: Ask Tough Questions

October 31, 2017 | by David Connerty-Marin
Blanca Guillen-Woods

Blanca Guillen-Woods did not initially realize what she would bring to the board of DC Bilingual PCS. She is a Program Evaluation Consultant, and has worked extensively with school data. She serves as vice chair of the DC Bilingual Public Charter School board. 

Blanca was hesitant to join a board when she was first approached. “I don’t see myself as someone who brings in money and has connections” to people with money, she says. But then she learned that her experience with data was a valuable asset to a school board and now plays a leading role in digging into the school’s academic data, and asking tough questions. 



“Being on the board is for people who are passionate about education and passionate about students and are willing to put in some work and take on the responsibility to hold the school accountable to do right by those students,” she says. “If you are afraid to ask difficult questions or afraid to have difficult discussions, then I wouldn't push you to be on the board.”



Bilingual education is important to Blanca, who grew up in a bilingual family, sends her two young children to a bilingual school, and serves on the board of another.

“The value of bilingual education isn't just the language itself. The language is a vehicle to connect with other cultures. It's not just a communications issue; it truly is your connection to a whole different world. For people of Latino heritage it's also your connection to your history and to your family.”


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