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Charter Board Partners
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Charter School Boards Need to be Part of the Discipline Solution

CBP's President, Carrie C. Irvin, and CBP board member and Deputy Director of DC's authorizing agency, Naomi R. DeVeaux, offer their perspective on the role of charter school boards with regard to discipline policies, in response to CRPE's just-released report on discipline policies in charter schools.

What Happens in the Board Room…

March 02, 2015 by Carrie C. Irvin

Research links strong board governance in hospitals to increased quality of clinical care and even reduced mortality rates. Strong governance is just as important when it comes to the quality of education delivered by public charter schools.

Announcing a New Partnership to Strengthen Public Charter School Governance in Missouri

February 19, 2015 by Carrie C. Irvin

Today, Charter Board Partners announces a collaborative partnership with the Missouri Charter Public School Association (MCPSA). The goal of the partnership is to provide Missouri charter school boards greater access to tools and resources to support strong governance and improve school quality.

100 Board Members Working for DC Students

October 07, 2014 by Carrie C. Irvin, Simmons Lettre

CBP celebrates its 100th board member joining a charter school board.

The Not-So-Secret Ingredient for Great Schools

August 27, 2014 by Carrie C. Irvin

Strong governance is a key element of strong schools, for many reasons, but most of all because accountability for the academic performance of the students in a charter school ultimately rests with the board.

4 Tips for Making Charter Board Service Fulfilling

May 27, 2014 by Sarah Brody, Carrie C. Irvin

Follow these tips to make the most of charter school board service--whether you are considering joining a board or already serve on one.