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Charter Board Partners

CBP Knows Boards

And great schools need great boards.

"Working with CBP has been fantastic. You set up a process to ensure that candidates are matched with a board where they can make the best impact. Personally, I have been matched with a board where I can already see the contributions I can make and feel that I will make an impact."

— James Greer
Board Member, Academy of Urban Learning, Denver

Charter Board Partners is a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening the governance and quality of public charter schools. We believe that independent governance is the key differentiator between public charter schools and other public schools.  Independently governed boards put in place the context for success, shield schools from the ever-changing forces of politics, and insist on results. Boards also provide charter schools with volunteer board members who bring valuable skills, experience, perspective, expertise, and resources that public schools often have a hard time accessing. And serving on the board of a public school gives those individuals the opportunity to play a meaningful role in their communities, contribute to improving public education, and make a real difference in the lives of children.

We started working with three charter schools in Washington, DC in the fall of 2010. We are currently working with charter school boards, charter support organizations, charter management organizations, state departments of education, authorizers, and quarterback organizations in eight states.  Because of our work, hundreds of citizens are contributing their time and talent to making public schools stronger, decision-makers influencing education are better positioned to insist on and support stronger governance, and dozens of boards are governing more effectively and helping ensure successful outcomes for their students. We have also helped raise awareness about the importance of strong school-level boards—we have put boards "on the map” as the education sector focused on finding the most powerful levers in the efforts to improve the quality of public schools, especially those in underserved communities.  

Ultimately, our mission is about creating good schools, not just good boards.  We are proud to be a strong voice in the charter sector's thrust to focus on quality, not just quantity. 

We also believe that this country needs more diversity in public charter school leadership.  Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are top priorities for us in our work with boards and stakeholders and our recruiting efforts, as well as internally.  Diverse boards are stronger boards, and the boards of public schools must represent and reflect the students and communities they serve.  

We are proud to be working with leaders throughout the education ecosystem.  Our governance experts provide support, trainings, tools, and resources to individual boards, groups of boards, authorizers, funders, charter support organizations, and policymakers.  We are ready to work with individuals and organizations who share our belief that every charter school needs a strong, strategic, and diverse governing board, so that eventually, every student has the chance to attend an excellent school.

CBP was recently recognized as "one of the best small charities in Greater Washington" by the Catalogue for Philanthropy.

"How do we build highly effective boards that create a comfortable space for the school leader to make decisions, with the support of their boards? Without CBP and that overall foundation, many boards would be operating on a wing."

— Nasir Qadree
Board member, Center City Public Charter Schools, Washington, D.C.